Information Material

Information Material

Bavarian Biotech Report 2014/2015 (pdf,5 MB)
Aktuelle Geschäftszahlen und Firmenprofile aus der bayerischen Biotechnologie-Branche

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in the European metropolitian area Munich (EMM) 2014 (pdf, 4.5 MB)
Study by the City of Munich, IHK and BioM GmbH based on a survey of companies and experts. 

Biotechnology in Munich, BioM 2013 (pdf 3.5 KB).

Bavarian Biotech Report 2013/14 (pdf, 7 MB)
Up-to-date business figures and company profiles from the Bavarian biotechnology sector

The Bavarian Biotech Cluster, 2013 (pdf 1.500 KB)
The Bavarian biotech locations at a glance.

"BioRegions & BioParks in Germany" - the brochure by Germany Trade and Invest (GTAI) gives an overview about the German biotechnology centers (pdf, 1.3 MB).

m4 - Personalized Medicine in Munich
Introduction to the biotech location Munich including short profiles of all projects funded within the Leading-Edge Cluster m4 - Personalized Medicine (BioM, 2012).

Healthcare in Bavaria (pdf 1,2 MB)
Information about the life science sector in Bavaria