BioM is pleased to offer its net­work up to 20% dis­count for BioFIT on Decem­ber 10/11, 2019 in Mar­seille (France), or­gan­ized by…
At the first edi­tion of the Roche Bi­otech Day, renowned ex­perts provided in­form­a­tion on cur­rent trends for the fu­ture of…
At the meet­ing rep­res­ent­at­ives of the Bav­ari­an Bi­otech cluster, who de­vel­op and pro­duce in­nov­at­ive in­stru­ments, tools,…
On 4 and 5 April, the an­nu­al meet­ing of the Coun­cil of European BioRe­gions (CEBR) took place in Athens. In ad­di­tion to the elec­tion…
TechShare is a pre-IPO pro­gramme launched by Eur­onext in 2015, that helps en­tre­pren­eurs to fa­mil­i­ar­ise them­selves with cap­it­al…
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Pharma - Impact on Healthcare
Tips and tricks to go global
EIT Health BioEntrepreneurship Lab Oxford-Munich 2019
Pitch Doctor - Pitch Training
Pitch Doctor - Pitch Training
Pitch Doctor - Pitch Training
Pitch Doctor - Pitch Training
BioEntrepreneurship Summit 2019: Create the future of medicine


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The BioM company database includes all biotech players in Bavaria: biotechnological enterprises, service providers, suppliers, consultants, investors and many more.

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