NEW: CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - Launch of the ClusterXchange platform

The ClusterXchange platform has gone online and is ready for use. Eligible SMEs now have the possibility to get in touch with partners all over Europe for a short-term exchange (3-30 days - excluding travel days).
The objective of ClusterXchange is to support transnational cooperation between clusters and their members, to promote mutual learning and thus to increase the competitiveness of European SMEs. The ClusterXchange platform provides access to potential European partners, which are brought together according to time availability, geography and sector.
Register as:
Visiting organisation -Travel to another country for exchange
Hosting organisation - host a visiting organisation on your own premises
Contents of the exchange:

  • On-the-job training
  • Mutual exchange of experience and information on the obstacles and challenges in a pre-defined area
  • Improving market access
  • Support for networking and exchange of knowledge and experience

The stay is partly financed by the European Commission through a lump sum paid to the visitors for travel and accommodation expenses.

The first step is to register on the ClusterXchange matching tool and BioM will be in touch to discuss your project with you!

Further information can be found here and here (Official EU Commission guidance on virtual visits) or visit the CE4BIG project website.


Cluster Excellence for Business Innovation and Growth in the Health Sector (CE4BIG)

The project CE4BIG – Cluster Excellence for Business Innovation and Growth in the Health Sector, was selected to receive funding under the EU COSME  “European Cluster Excellence” initiative, which aims to foster cluster collaboration on a European-wide scale. The ultimate objective is to strengthen both, clusters and SMEs, to jointly master global competition and work on the answers to the challenges of personalized medicine.

CE4BIG federates 4 European healthcare clusters, with similar regional smart specialization strategies supporting the development of advanced therapies for personalized medicine. The consortium consists of the project leader, Atlanpole Biotherapies from France, BioM from Germany, BioWin from Belgium, and Life Science Krakow from Poland.

The project intends to promote business growth and to raise the innovation capacity of SMEs. Professional cluster services will be optimized through targeted activities including the ClusterXchange scheme, which enables and fosters cross-border collaboration between innovation stakeholders (health SMEs, CROs, research units, etc.) in the innovation ecosystems of the project partners. The exchanges aim at helping SMEs within the partnership, design and fine-tune their business models, develop new partnerships, seize new business opportunities abroad, and secure funding for business and innovation to reach proof of technology and grow beyond. The exchanges also enhance the innovation process by providing professional and sector-specific support to bio-entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The project will also benefit cluster management and strategic skills through customized training and transnational cluster-to-cluster missions. This will enable the consortium to exchange expertise in topics of common interest for SMEs and to stimulate the dialogue between SME managers and business/innovation support stakeholders. The objectives also include taking the roadmaps of the involved clusters to the next excellence level, and creating a joint roadmap to future-proof the CE4BIG network. To achieve this, partners will engage in sectoral comparative analyses and pinpoint synergies, common challenges and areas of opportunities. As a result, the consortium will design a joint strategic plan to ensure the sustainability of the partnership.

CE4BIG is hoping to impact the European innovation landscape in several ways:

  • 4 clusters will be awarded the Cluster Management Excellence labels (bronze, silver and gold) by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI)
  • 8 cluster managers will get highly profiled training to optimize their management skills
  • 4 transnational C2C missions will be organized to foster peer-learning and cluster collaboration
  • 52 organizations will participate in exchanges  organized via the ClusterXchange scheme
  • 4 individual cluster management organizations will take their strategic plans to the next level, delivering optimal and demand-driven services, and promoting cutting-edge developments in personalized medicine
  • 1 European partnership will be designed and implemented in form of a coordinated action, focused on innovations in personalized medicine.

The CE4BIG project started on February 2nd and will be funded for 24 months.

The coordination is led by Atlanpole Biotherapies (Pays de la Loire – Bretagne – Centre Val de Loire / France).


ClusterXchange programme to connect Europe’s industrial ecosystems

ESCP-4x leaflet (pdf download)

What the exchange programme is about

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Dr. Stephanie Wehnelt
Dr. Stephanie Wehnelt

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