ImmPact Bavaria

ImmPact Bavaria: Network for Innovative Immunotherapy

ImmPact Bavaria is a cooperative network that links experts from the fields of immuno-oncology, immunotherapy and immuno-interventions to develop innovative healthcare strategies.

Today, ImmPact Bavaria consists of 11 partner companies that have established the network jointly with BioM. The diversified non-competitive immunotherapeutic and technological competencies of the companies are excellent groundwork for cooperation. ImmPact is a BioM initiative.

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a therapeutic approach that uses the extraordinary potential of the individual immune system to remedy diseases. Although the first discoveries in this area have already been made 100 years ago, immunotherapy is a very topical and complex research area. Over the past few years, persuasive results of clinical studies have shown that immunotherapy is a promising strategy against cancer. To date, various immunotherapeutic strategies have been developed. They are divided into immunotherapies attacking cancer and immunotherapies activating the immune system to attack cancer (and, increasingly, also other diseases).

ImmPact Bavaria: Why Do We Need an Innovative Network?

Although immunotherapy has been found to be effective against cancer, many requirements of human health remain unaddressed. This is owed to the complexity of cancer biology and failure to understand immunity mechanisms. The enormous potential of the immune system, linked to the complexity of cancer, make immunotherapy a very complex field of research. Therefore, common efforts are required to develop effective, innovative and trustworthy immunotherapeutic protocols. BioM ImmPact Bavaria has been founded to raise immunotherapy to the next level.

Technological objectives

  • Combination of immunotherapeutic approaches

  • Immunomonitoring

  • Common development of new immunotherapeutic solutions

  • Effective and cost-efficient production of cell-based immunotherapies

  • Conceptual objectives

  • Establishing network entity and identity

  • Establishing a solid and long-term dialog between enterprises and the academy

  • Improving the exchange of know-how

  • Generating platforms, infrastructures and events supporting the partnership (such as databases, workshops, conferences)

  • Expanding the network in Germany and Europe

  • Integrating international pharmaceutical companies   


Although ImmPact Bavaria is a new project, many aims and objectives have already been achieved:

  • Extending the network by the academy and by dedicated medical centers

  • Generating promotional material

  • Planning internal meetings between partners to initiate joint projects

  • Meetings between academic partners and partner enterprises

  • Analysis of the first project designs

  • Identification of new therapeutic trends

Let us take immunotherapy to the next level! Join us!

New members and prospective customers will receive further information from BioM.