German-Japanese Cooperation for the Advancement of Biomedical Innovations

The InnoMuNiCH project aims to increase global innovations in the biopharmaceutical industry and pool together German and Japanese expertise in research and development. InnoMuNiCH stands for “Innovations through Munich-Nippon Cooperations in Healthcare”.

The project has been funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the funding program “Internationalization of Leading-Edge Clusters, Forward-Looking Projects and Other, Comparable Networks” since January 2017.


InnoMuNiCH project

The ability to effectively translate the findings of academic research into pharmaceutical products is challenging for global health research. As many research findings are usually not directly applicable to major industry projects, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can function as catalysts in this context. SMEs may significantly increase the process of innovation by advancing projects successively.

The InnoMuNiCH project is funded by the BMBF and managed by BioM. InnoMuNiCH links pharmaceutical companies, research groups and biomedical SMEs from Japan with cooperation partners in Munich, Bavaria and beyond. The project provides a platform for German-Japanese cooperation to initiate and foster binational research and development projects. Both, German and Japanese players will profit from this cooperation between partners on equal terms.


BioM Cluster Management

The aim of BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH as a cluster management organization is to coordinate all Bavarian biotechnology regions and manage the Munich Biotech Cluster with a focus on biomedical innovations. Since 1997, the non-profit organization BioM supports the regional biotechnology sector and is the first point of contact for global partners with business interests in Bavaria. BioM is also a member of the working group German BioRegions and is on the management board of the Council of European BioRegions (CEBR).

Since 2010, BioM has built a long-lasting and trusting relationship with Japan. BioM organizes trade missions for Bavarian companies, represents Bavaria at Japanese trade fairs and maintains close contact with key Japanese regions and experts. BioM and Osaka BioHeadquarters signed an official cooperation agreement in 2011. Building on that agreement, diverse and fruitful B2B working relationships have since developed.


Platform for cooperation

The first step will be to develop specific binational projects, together with a group of Bavarian companies, co-funded by the BMBF. These will act as a basis for strengthening German-Japanese relations as well as the Munich Biotech Cluster’s strategy for internationalization heading for Japan.

In addition, a new gateway will be set up in form of a cooperation platform to initiate further R&D projects between Germany and Japan. It is designed to facilitate access to a culturally challenging business environment and to establish trust on both sides. This worldwide first German-Japanese cooperation platform for biomedical innovations will integrate the most important players of both nations, thereby accelerating cooperations between business partners on both sides.

InnoMuNiCH focuses on the medicine of the future in accordance with the Munich Biotech Cluster’s strategy. This includes personalized medicine and novel developments in the fields of immunomodulation, virally-induced cancer, cell and gene therapy, as well as the generation of innovative small molecule drugs.

BioM and Kawasaki City, Japan, hold a Memorandum of Understanding on the Promotion of Business Exchanges.

Prof. Dr. Horst Domdey, Director; Dr. Stephanie Wehnelt, project leader, Dr. Megumi Haschiguchi, project manager (l. to r.)