BioTech Bootcamp by SmiLe and BioM

Biotech Bootcamp by SmiLe and BioM

Looking to bring a life-changing healthcare solution to market? Join BioTech Bootcamp by SmiLe and BioM and move your idea forward with Europe’s leading biotech incubators.

BioTech Bootcamp starting on Sep 6, 2021 is an 8 weeks intensive business training program designed to equip aspiring biotech entrepreneurs like you with the knowledge, skills and industry connections required to transform a breakthrough biotech idea into a successful scalable business.

The program is completely free. We don’t ask for any equity and you pay zero fees.

But the expert training, coaching, mentorship and networking opportunities you gain will be of immeasurable value to your business, opening doors for you in Europe’s top two biotech hotspots, Munich (Germany) and Medicon Valley (Denmark and Sweden).

Further information and registration: