DigiMed Bayern Public Seminar: Advanced digital platforms for projects dealing with sensitive health data

DigiMed Bayern Public Seminar

Advanced digital platforms for projects dealing with sensitive health data

Open Discussion & Networking with Refreshments and Pretzels

Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 5:00-7:00 pm
Lecture Hall German Heart Center Munich, Lazarettstr. 36, 80636 Munich

Various areas of modern research produce huge amounts of data every day - with enormous potential but also novel challenges.
With increased awareness of data protection as well as strengthened regulatory requirements by implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), research projects using sensitive health data and medical data have to consider aspects like security, accessibility and interoperability. In order to use the potential as comprehensively as possible and in accordance with regulatory requirements, appropriate solutions are necessary.
At the next DigiMed Bayern Public Seminar, we invited Mr. Leon du Toit (University of Oslo, Norway) and Mr. Thomas Berlage (Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology, Germany) to demonstrate the Services for Sensitive Data (TSD) and the Fraunhofer Medical Data Space (MedDS) platforms. With these two advanced technical solutions in this field, we are looking forward to a fruitful discussion with the audience.

Services for Sensitive Data for Norway, the Nordics, and Europe: Solving regulatory challenges with technical implementations

Speaker: Leon du Toit
Section Leader, Research Services
Services for Sensitive Data, University of Oslo, Center for IT

The University of Oslo's Services for Sensitive Data (TSD) is a Platform as a Sercive eInfrastructure for research projects with sensitive health data. First launched in 2014, it has grown rapidly, currently serving >600 active research projects and 3.000 users. Developed based on use cases solving regulatory challenges in medical research, TSD has evolved to offer generic services for all disciplines. The recent implementation of the GDPR has spurred further innovation in TSD service portfolio. The talk will explain the regulatory and institutional context in which TSD opearates, with a focus on medical research, the GDPR, and consent. Secondly, the talk will demonstrate and explain technical solutions based on use cases as well as our strategic and development roadmap.


Making Healthcare Data Available Under Sovereign Control: The Fraunhofer Medical Data Space

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Thomas Berlage
Head of Life Science Informatics
Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology

Fraunhofer Society together with industry partners within the International Data Spaces Association is undertaking an initiative to facilitate data interchange between digital health services. The main aim of Fraunhofer Medical Data Space is to tailor the industrial data space to the health care sector and the life sciences. Special emphasis is put on security and trust. The patients’ role is defined as to facilitate cooperation without requiring the patient to act as a data manager. A new concept of a data space is established that provides interoperability not only for data sources, but also for (disease-specific) process and decision support apps. The architecture is discussed with multiple use cases as examples. There are currently multiple implementation projects under way.


The event is free of charge, registration is not necessary.

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