adivo: EUR 2.5 million EU funding for therapies against inflammatory bowel disease in companion animals

Dr. Kathrin Ladetzki-Baehs and Dr. Markus Waldhuber, both founder and CEO of adivo GmbH © Adivo GmbH

Martinsried-based adivo GmbH has been awarded a €2.5 million European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator Grant to support its therapeutic antibody program for novel therapeutic options for dogs with inflammatory bowel disease.

adivo aims to launch a new era for companion animal health with its proprietary phage display antibody libraries. The libraries will serve as basis for the development of species-specific drugs against cancer, chronic inflammatory diseases and other serious diseases in companion animals. 

With the funding, adivo aims to accelerate its therapeutic antibody program, which addresses the growing need for novel therapeutic options for dogs with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

With CEASAR, adivo has developed the first fully canine phage display platform in the veterinary market for the selection of therapeutic candidates against a broad spectrum of diseases. Recently, the company expanded its technology basis to cover a second companion animal species with significant medical needs and launched FELIX, the first fully synthetic source of therapeutic antibodies on the market to date for cats. The adivo technology platforms allows de-novo identification of species-specific antibodies panels to select drug candidates with optimal functionality, developability and low risk of immunogenicity. The adivo technology platforms are designed to enable de novo identification of species-specific antibody panels for selection of drug candidates with optimal functionality, developability and low immunogenicity risk.

“IBD is affecting a growing number of dogs and their owners worldwide. By transferring a therapeutic principle and target biology that is well validated in humans in a species-specific manner, we aim to provide a best-in-class therapeutic solution for IBD in dogs,“ commented Dr. Markus Waldhuber, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer of adivo. “adivo is entering a transformative chapter in its development as two programs are approaching the initiation of first-in-animal studies. The grant funding by the EIC Accelerator program adds to our growing financial muscle and will support adivo in competing for an industry-leading position in the companion antibody therapeutics market.”