BioM info day "Lunch & Learn: How we support your biotech idea!" informs students and entrepreneur-in-spe about programs and support for founders

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© BioM

In the scope of the “Bayerischen Gründungstage”, BioM invited to an info day in the rooms of the start-up incubator-to-be "Munich Accelerator for Life Sciences & Medicine" (MAxL) at the IZB. 20 scientists and founder-to-be took the chance of “Lunch & Learn: How we support your biotech idea!” to learn about BioM’s programs and services for founders and young entrepreneurs on-site in the Munich biotech innovation hub Martinsried. BioM gave an overview on how it supports founders and start-up teams i.a. in terms of financing, pitching, networking and commercializing biotech innovations.

The info day was addressed to senior students and young researchers in biotechnology, health technology and life sciences flirting with commercializing their biotechnology ideas and setting up their own business one day.

Over an informal, casual lunch snack, Dr. Petra Burgstaller, Head of inQlab at BioM introduced the programs and services intended to support future founders on the path to starting an own business: Whether they need initial help, are looking for investors or a mentor for being accompany on the first steps of entrepreneurship or need guidance by coaches or (patent) attorneys.

Highlight of the info day was an exclusive insight into a founding story by founder and CEO Dr. Patrick Großmann of Invitris, a start-up that combats multi-resistant bacteria by phage technology. The company was just recently selected as the first venture to receive 250,000 Euro in “Stage II Funding” by INCATE that will allow Invitris further its mission to scale the production of phages, phage-derived and other antimicrobial proteins in the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance.

Großmann gave tips “you have to selective in programs”, emphasized the benefits of having “control of who you are working with, even externally” and the challenges of “understanding group dynamics and creating drive to a shared goal”. He concluded with a generous offer to all the info day participants to support and “open his network to all founders.” His unequivocal answer to the question, "Would you start up again?" was, "Anytime!"

While the participants enjoyed their lunch snack, they had the opportunity to network and chatted with Großmann and Burgstaller over first ideas and steps into the own business.