Give a Breath - Challenge

Give a breath

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Munich Re and Fraunhofer have launched the global call "Give a breath" for ideas to identify the best 3D-printable designs/blueprints for emergency ventilation equipment.

If you or your team have any ground-breaking ideas on how to develop a feasible and digitally distributable blueprint for emergency ventilation equipment (ventilators and consumables like respiratory masks, valves or oxygen tanks) to enable immediate, decentralised production via global 3D-printing or other rapid manufacturing capabilities, please submit them and help to save as many lives as possible.

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The equipment to be developed should only be used in states of emergency for the decentralised treatment of non-intensive care COVID-19 patients, in order to reduce demand for hospitalisation. The selected digital blueprints will be provided to governments and states around the world to enable them to start decentralised large scale production wherever it is needed the most.

The challenge has funding (for prize and a realization fund) of at least €1 million (additional partners and donors invited). Join in and help to save as many lives as possible!