BARDA VITAL Prize (BVP) Challenge: BARDA VITAL Global Health Security Symposium in Berlin

BARDA VITAL Prize (BVP) Challenge

VITAL is on the hunt for breakthrough vaccines and therapeutics platforms and enabling technologies, and it is calling on biotech innovators to apply for USD 45,000 in cash prizes!

Vaccine Innovation and Therapeutics Acceleration Launchpad (VITAL), a BARDA Accelerator Network (BAN) Hub, is based in Boston, MA, and offers funding as well as acceleration services to qualifying start-ups and university-based projects from around the world.

BARDA VITAL Prize (BVP) Challenge is now open, with USD 45K available for innovative vaccines, therapeutics, and related enabling technologies aligned with BARDA’s mission and strategic plan.

Who can apply?

Companies or university-based projects in the following areas are invited to apply:

  • Vaccine and therapeutic platforms
  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial therapeutics and vaccines
  • Vaccines and therapeutics with broad protection and enduring efficacy
  • Host-directed therapeutics
  • Enabling technologies that enhance vaccine and therapeutic efficacy

Deadline: applications are due no later than June 7, 2024.

More information can be find here: BARDA VITAL Prize (BVP) Challenge for Breakthrough Vaccines and Therapeutics

Finalists will get the chance to showcase their solutions at the BARDA VITAL Hub Symposium in Berlin, in front of leading experts from the U.S. and EU therapeutics and vaccine innovation community.

BARDA VITAL Global Health Security Symposium

There will be five BAN hubs in total: Diagnostics/Medical Devices (I-CREATE), Therapeutics/Vaccines (VITAL), Digital Health Tools, Special Populations and Enabling Technologies. VITAL and the other BAN centers support innovations from the academic field of health security. In addition, start-ups are supported with funding for the development, evaluation and validation of medical countermeasures as well as an accelerator program.

To celebrate the launch in Europe, there will be the BARDA VITAL Global Health Security Symposium in Berlin on June 27th. This event will bring together thought leaders, policy makers and industry experts committed to advancing global health security.

The symposium will feature keynotes, discussions and networking opportunities aimed at fostering effective collaborations to improve pandemic preparedness and develop medical countermeasures for infectious diseases.