Million funding for Kranus Health: via app for more men's health

Founding team of Kranus Health: Nikolay Dimolarov, Thilo Kleinschmidt, Prof. Dr. Kurt Miller, Jens Nörtershäuser (from left) © Kranus Health

With seven-figure seed funding, Munich-based Kranus Health aims to further expand its men's health platform and launch a reimbursable digital therapy as a sustainable solution for erectile dysfunction. The capital comes from HTGF, A Round Capital, Venture Basecamp and Dr. Ralph Müller, in addition to existing business angels.

Men's life expectancy lags behind women's by up to 6 years, thousands of men worldwide die too early due to unhealthy lifestyle and lack of preventative care and prevention. Kranus Health, founded in 2020, aims to improve men's healthcare through digital solutions.

Kranus Health's digital offerings are designed to make it easier for men to lead healthy lifestyles. A reimbursable digital therapy for erectile dysfunction (DiGA as an "app on prescription") aims to reduce the risk factors of serious cardiovascular disease associated with this condition.

"Kranus Health has developed an offeer based on scientific findings that provide urologists completely new and, above all, roo- cause-oriented options in the treatment of their patients," explains co-founder and CMO Prof. Kurt Miller.

Louis Heinz, Investment Manager at HTGF, adds: "In the case of erectile dysfunction, current offers such as medications are aimed at alleviating the symptoms, but not the causes. With its digital solution, Kranus is helping to improve the quality of life of a large number of men in a long-term and goal-oriented way."

In addition to the new investors, existing business angels, such as Konstantin Mehl and Manuel Thurner - both founders of Foodora and the back pain app Kaia Health, respectively - have once again participated in the seed round. With the fresh capital and the investors' network, the digital therapy is to be further developed this year and launched as a reimbursable product, and the digital platform for men's health is also to be expanded with additional offerings.