Apply for the Novartis Digital Health Prize by November 30!

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Apply now for the Novartis Digital Health Prize (DGP). Every year, Novartis selects exciting e-health projects in Germany that have the potential to shape the future of medicine and help patients receive better care.

The deadline for submitting innovative ideas is November 30, 2022, and all information can be found here.

From all applications, the independent and honorary expert jury will select five shortlisted candidates. The winners will then be honored at the award ceremony on March 23, 2023.

The total prize money amounts to EUR 60,000. The first-place winner will receive EUR 25,000 and the runner-up EUR 15,000. A further EUR 10,000 will go to the third-place project, chosen by the public, and the winner of the special prize.

An overview of the categories under which innovators can submit their projects.

Special Award 2023: #DigitalChildHealth

Every child has the right to develop healthily. But children are not small adults, they have their very own needs and require equitable access to a healthcare system tailored to them. Today, children are already growing up with a variety of digital options. Apps have the opportunity to explain diseases and treatments to them in a playful way and thus enable accompanied participation in therapy decisions. With the #DigitaleKindergesundheit special award under the auspices of the Stiftung Kindergesundheit, Novartis is giving children and young people a voice in medicine and is campaigning for therapies, digital helpers and care solutions that are suitable for children and young people.

With the so-called #TrendingTopics, Novartis is also focusing on three digitalization topics that are particularly moving the healthcare sector right now:


The online information available on health issues is huge, and digital technologies have become increasingly important for individual health management. In order for patients to make the best use of them and make responsible decisions for their health, they need a high level of digital literacy. Applications that promote this so-called eHealth Literacy help patients* benefit from the digital transformation.


As life expectancy increases, so does the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, and Alzheimer's disease. They affect millions of patients in Germany and cause high costs. Digital solutions have great potential to prevent or combat these widespread diseases. To achieve this, they must be accessible to all patients - regardless of their social, financial or cultural background.


Digital tools, such as wearables, measure vital data, heart rate or blood glucose levels of patients and transmit them conveniently from almost any location to the point of care. However, they are not yet sufficiently integrated into medical care. Remote monitoring would make it possible to significantly improve the individual therapies and treatment results of patients.

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