Immunotherapy: ImmPact Bavaria at the FORUM Science & Health 2017

ImmPact Bavaria, the Bavarian ZIM-network of innovative immunotherapy, will attend on July 5-6th the FORUM Science & Health 2017. Here, the management, the member companies and the academic partners of the network will be active protagonists of the sessions of the event dedicated to immune-oncology.

The FORUM Science & Health will provide an excellent platform to discuss new ideas about immunotherapy solutions, their realization and, also, how the ImmPact consortium can support at best the immune-oncology field in Bavaria - or beyond in future. Moreover, all companies and/or academics who would like to learn more about the network, will have the chance to get to know the project, the partners and the funding opportunities.

Because the ImmPact project is about to enter the second phase, there would be the possibility, for new potential partner companies, to join the consortium as official members. The transition from phase I to phase II ends beginning of August. Until then, all enterprises which would like to join the network can talk personally to the project manager, Dr. Alessandra Pasquarella, at the FORUM Science & Health and/or contact her anytime by email/phone.

Besides, we encourage any academic scientist who would like to develop a project with industrial partners to approach the BioM team regarding funding and cooperative possibilities offered by the ImmPact consortium.

Further information about the network you can find here:

ImmPact Bavaria