Oncology Virtual Partnering - BioM offers 15% discount

Oncology Virtual Partnering BioM 15% discount

BioM is pleased to offer its network a 15% discount for Oncology Virtual Partnering on 22-24 September 2020, organized by Inova and BIO.

Oncology is one of the most challenging areas for research and development, but there are critical junctures where the right environment is crucial for success - and where partnering can help bring the best science forward.

To facilitate the bridge between science and business, Inova in cooperation with BIO are organizing the Oncology Virtual Partnering Event. Through online one-to-one meetings taking place 22 - 24 September, researchers, biotechs and biopharmaceutical companies will discuss the latest research from oncology congresses, pitch ideas and partner to prioritize the most promising research efforts.

As Oncology Virtual Partnering supporting organization, BioM is offering a 15% discount on all registration categories (excepting video company presentations).

If you are interested, please contact Gabriele Klingner