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DNA Origami Products: Eurofins Genomics and tilibit nanosystems launch a global distribution agreement.

Ebersberg, Germany, October 1st, 2015 - Eurofins Genomics, the international market leader in genomic services, has signed a global distribution agreement for DNA origami products with tilibit nanosystems, specialists in 3D origami shapes and considered the leader of custom engineered DNA based nanodevices.


DNA origami is a technique that allows the construction of objects at the nanometer scale using DNA double helices as building blocks through sequence-programmed self-assembly. tilibit nanosystems is a pioneer with leading expertise to design and build nanodevices with a variety of chemical functionalities.


This agreement continues to build on a long standing relationship between Eurofins Genomics as a provider for DNA oligonucleotides and tilibit, as the manufacturer of scaffold DNA and experts in DNA origami. The collaboration aims to provide all compounds for nanodevices to a worldwide research community including oligonucleotides, scaffold DNA and accessories.


“DNA origami is an exciting and highly innovative technology with future applications in various fields, such as clinical therapy, nanorobotics and research therefore, Eurofins Genomics is extremely pleased to support the supply and global reach of DNA origami products”, says Dr. Peter Persigehl, General Manager Eurofins Genomics Europe.


“Every field of research needs materials, and so does DNA nanotechnology. Until recently, some of those specialised materials have only been available to select research groups. The distribution agreement solves the availability problem. Together, Eurofins Genomics and tilibit provide high-quality hard-to-find materials in the right form, in suitable quantities, and at highly competitive prices, which will help DNA nanotechnology to grow and become a mature engineering discipline“, says Prof. Dr. Hendrik Dietz, CEO of tilibit nanosystems GmbH.



About Eurofins Genomics

Eurofins Genomics, a member of the Eurofins Group with facilities in Europe, the United States and Asia, is an internationally leading provider of DNA sequencing services, genotyping services, DNA synthesis products and bioinformatics services for pharma, diagnostics, food, agriculture, biotechnological and research markets. The company's strength is its extensive customer base and high quality services in industrial scale for the life science industries and academic research institutions around the world. For further information, please visit our website at


About tilibit nanosystems

tilibit nanosystems is a Munich-based provider of materials and expertise for DNA nanotechnology. The company leverages its close ties to the academic world to deliver specialised, high-quality materials, as well as expert knowledge based on latest research results. tilibit’s mission is to support the growth of DNA nanotechnology from academia toward industrial applications. For further information, please visit