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30 November 2018
Development of a New Class of AMP-Agents

Company Name
mk2 Biotechnologies (  
Desired Collaboration Partner
- Biotech/Life Science/Pharmaceutical Company
- Companies from the food & beverage as well as cosmetics industry   
Short Description of the Project
Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are known to be strong alternatives for herbicides or fungicides in crop protection, and for antibiotics or antiviral agents in stockbreeding among many other possible applications in various other fields. Their chemical and physical complexity inhibit their potential use in mass applications since there is no established technology which is capable of synthesizing high amounts of those products in acceptable qualities at adequate costs. mk2 Biotechnologies developed a groundbreaking platform technology which offers a solution to circumvent all known bottlenecks and limitations of established synthesis methods. As part of this proposal it is planned to firstly design and synthesize various single-component AMPs with one functionality. After that, the effectiveness and activity of the synthesized AMPs as active agents against various pathogens such harvest-endangering fungi or bacteria or as plant growth promoting agents shall be investigated. The obtained experimental results will then be used in the third project phase in order to design, synthesize and investigate peptide chimeras with the aim of combining the benefits of different peptides and functionalities in one product and compare the expected results with the experimental observations.

Amongst others, project partners should provide know-how in the field biochemistry and pathogens in a specific application and experimental resources to test developed materials outside a lab environment.  


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Dr. Stephanie Wehnelt
Dr. Stephanie Wehnelt

Head of International Affairs