Peer2scale, an HORIZON 2020 project, is a peer-learning action between four regional health agencies acting as clusters. Eurasanté (Hauts-de-France), BioM (Bavaria), Biocat (Catalonia) and Lifetech Brussles (Brussels) support services to their network of health SMEs.

Peer2Scale-Health is focusing on actions to assess the quality of the partners’ services to health entrepreneurs (and young SMEs), the way they deliver these, and how to improve them or design new and common innovation support services.


The project’s objective is then to have a peer-learning action on how to raise “entrepreneurship skills” in health entrepreneurs and prepare them for their scale-up process.


  • A first exchange for a mutual learning between partners
  • 3 joint workshops & experimentation:
    -> Exchanges on good practices (at BioFit, Lille, 26.-27.06.2019)
    -> Creative and immersive workshop
    -> Conclusive workshop
  • One final deliverable is a Design Options Paper, which is outlining the findings and recommendations and which will be shared with innovation agencies.

Duration:  12 months

Official start: 01.06.2019


Dr. Stephanie Wehnelt
Dr. Stephanie Wehnelt

Head of International Affairs