BioM x Tsukuba x Kawasaki Life Science Biz Meet

Bio<sup>M</sup> x Tsukuba x Kawasaki Life Science Biz Meet

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This event will be held under the theme of “Drug Discovery and Drug Discovery Platform” to introduce cutting-edge technologies from Germany and Japan, and to create business matching opportunities.

  • When: 8th of June, 2021 09:00-11:40(CET) / 16:00-18:40(JST)
  • Where: Online (Zoom webinar)
  • Language: English (Simultaneous interpretation is provided in Japanese.)
  • Organizers: BioM, Tsukuba Center Inc, Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion, Tsukuba Life Science Promotion Association (TLSK)
    Co-Organizers: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Ibaraki Prefectural Government, Tsukuba City, Kawasaki City
  • Supporter: University of Tsukuba
  • The seminar is free to attend but registration is necessary:

  • About Business Matching

You can request to contact startups/scaleups using the survey shown after the event concludes.


■ Agenda

09:00-10:30 Technology presentations by German and Japanese startups/scaleups

Introduction to the startup environment of the following regions

  • Introduction of BioM

“The Munich Bio-Pharma and Health Cluster: A hotspot of innovations for the development of therapeutics and diagnostics, with special focus on personalized medicine, immunotherapy, and e-health.”

  • Introduction of Kawasaki
  • Introduction of Tsukuba, Ibaraki

Startups/Scaleups from BioM

EpiQMAx offers a service for the detection and quantification of proteins and histone epigenetic modifications.

Ethris is a global leader in delivering stabilized mRNAs directly to the respiratory system via optimized formulation and nebulization technologies.

OmicEra offers cutting-edge MS-based proteome analysis to understand human health and disease states.

SIRION Biotech designs and manufactures viral vectors for cell and gene therapy research and preclinical development.

Startups/Scaleups from Tsukuba

The challenge of new drug discovery based on bioactive peptide DRPs (disulfide-rich peptides): the cutting-edge drug discovery platform Veneno SuiteTM

Consecutive Discovery of New Drug Candidates with Proprietary Medchem Technology

Startups/Scaleups from Kawasaki

Drug and Biomarker Discovery by HMT’s Next-gen Metabolomics

Accelerating Drug and Cell Medicine Development using Large-scale Data of Cells

Innovations in Drug Delivery to Cure Brain Diseases

10:40-11:40 Collaborative Seminar by German and Japanese Bio Industrial Clusters

  • Greeting from Tsukuba Life Science Promotion Association (TLSK)
  • Introduction of BioM  “BioM: Your Gateway to the Health Industry in Munich/Bavaria”
  • Keynote Speech

– The future prospection of biotechnology research in Tsukuba, created by the fusion of digital and biotechnology

Dr. Hiroyuki Nishiyama, Professor(Faculty of Medicine), University of Tsukuba
Vice Director, University of Tsukuba Hospital
Project Leader, Tsukuba International Center for Digital Biotechnology

  • Seminar

1. Dr. Shin Kaneko, Ph.D., Professor at Faculty of Medicine of University of Tsukuba

2.  Astellas’ Open Innovation, Mr. Hiroyuki Usuda, Manager, Scouting Group, Astellas Innovation Management LLC, Astellas Pharma Inc.


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