DigiMed Bayern Public Seminar: Systems Medicine - A big data driven disruptive view on current medicine

Prof. Dr. Jan Baumbach

DigiMed Bayern is pleased to announce the first talk of the DigiMed Bayern Public Seminar Series:

Systems Medicine - A big data driven disruptive view on current medicine

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jan Baumbach

Chair of Experimental Bioinformatics, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Wednesday, Januar 9th, 2019, 17:00-18:00
Lecture Hall German Heart Center Munich, Lazarettstr. 36, 80636 Munich

One major obstacle in current medicine and drug development is inherent in the way we define and approach diseases. We discuss the diagnostic and prognostic value of (multi-) omics panels. We have a closer look at breast cancer survival and treatment outcome, as case example, using gene expression panels - and we will discuss the current "best practice" in the light of critical statistical considerations. In addition, we introduce computational approaches for network-based medicine. We discuss novel developments in graph-based machine learning using examples ranging from Huntington's disease mechanisms via Alzheimer's drug target discovery back to where we started, i.e. breast cancer treatment optimization - but now from a systems medicine point of view.
We conclude that multi-scale network medicine and modern artificial intelligence open new avenues to shape future medicine. We will also have a short glimpse on novel approaches for privacy-aware sensitive medical data sharing. We quickly introduce the concept of federated machine learning and blockchain-based consent management to build a Medical AI Store ensuring privacy by design and architecture.

The event is free of charge, registration is not necessary.

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