DigiMed Bayern Symposium 2022: Closing the gap between research, clinical and real-world data

The opportunities of data-driven medicine are promising: for patients, for the health system and for the economy. The potential of acquisition and IT-supported application of high-dimensional health data in clinical research and healthcare will for sure be leveraged in the coming years. In addition to the medical-biological perspective, a particular hot topic is to build fit-for-purpose IT-infrastructures on European, German and local scales. Key is also to assess and adapt the interplay of data-driven modern medicine with society and individual patients as beneficiaries and donors. 

The Bavarian lighthouse project DigiMed Bayern aims at incorporating the holistic concept of P4 medicine (predictive, preventive, personalized, participatory) into medical practice to improve effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare. To achieve health improvements, world-leading university hospitals collaborate closely with research institutes in the fields of epidemiology, biology, biochemistry, omics technologies, data sciences. Beyond the clinical and scientific focus, data protection and legal questions, medical ethics and sociological topics are complementary and fundamental to the project. An ambitious and visionary goal is the creation of a compliant and secure cloud IT-infrastructure to support the collaborative health-related research and development. The greater vision is to trigger real-life improvements in personalized disease identification and risk prediction, prevention, management, and treatment for patients and individuals at risk. With that, DigiMed Bayern will contribute knowhow, blueprints and infrastructure also to other institutions and disease areas.

We cordially invite you to join our annual conference “DigiMed Bayern Symposium 2022: Closing the gap between research, clinical and real-world data” and to discuss with the DigiMed Bayern Consortium and renowned speakers and participants from the international digital health about data-driven medicine and its potentials – for patients, for science, for the health system, for the economy and for the society. 


Impression from DigiMed Bayern Symposium 2019

Impression from DigiMed Bayern Symposium 2021