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9th BioAngels – Pitch-Event

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24.01.2020, 12:00

Tip­ping the ba­lan­ce: Brown and brite adi­po­cy­tes as tar­gets for the treat­ment of me­ta­bo­lic di­sea­ses

LMU Bio­cen­ter, Lec­ture Hall B00.019, Groß­ha­der­ner Str. 2, Mar­tins­ried

Campus Martinsried

24.01.2020, 12:15

Neu­ro­lunch: An in­ter­face for fle­xi­ble multi-scale re­cor­dings in the free­ly mo­ving rat

LMU Bio­cen­ter, GSN Se­mi­nar Room D00.003, Groß­ha­der­ner Str. 2, Mar­tins­ried

Campus Martinsried


ARAB HEALTH - Int. Ho­spi­tal, Me­di­cal Equip­ment and Ser­vice Ex­hi­bi­ti­on & Con­fe­rence

Dubai, Ve­rei­nig­te Ara­bi­sche Emi­ra­te

Bayern International GmbH

27.01.2020, 16:00

A view to a kill: role of com­ple­ment on host spe­cia­ti­on of Lyme di­sea­se spi­ro­che­tes

LMU Bio­cen­ter, Lec­ture Hall B01.027, Groß­ha­der­ner­str. 2, Mar­tins­ried

Campus Martinsried

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Dr. Andreas Berghammer
Dr. Andreas Berghammer

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