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EIT Health ValidationLab 2018

Medtech Pitch Event & Net­work­ing Even­ing Start-up teams from all over Europe design their Medtech busi­ness con­cepts dur­ing an…

7. Round Table Japan

The 7. Round Table Japan of­fers the op­por­tun­ity to meet with Japan Tobacco Phar­ma­ceut­ic­al Di­vi­sion which is fo­cus­ing on cut­ting…

BioEntrepreneur i-day: how to design your innovative product idea - Registration is now open!

BioM is pleased to an­nounce the launch of the EIT Health In­nov­a­tion Day 2018: A day of in­spir­a­tion­al talks and health in­nov­a­tion…

Pitch Doctor - Pitch Training

Present­ing per­suas­ively to in­vestors - In our "Pitch Train­ing" as part of the Pitch Doc­tor pro­gram, you will learn how to struc­ture…

FORUM Translational Medicine

New FORUM series in Würzburg: Chal­lenges and pos­sib­il­it­ies of the trans­la­tion­al pro­cess of bio­med­ic­al re­search, clin­ic­al…

5th BioAngels – Pitch-Event

BioAn­gels, BioM's ex­clus­ive match­mak­ing format for cap­it­al-seek­ing teams / start-ups and in­vestors, in­vites you to its fifth pitch…

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15.10.2018, 09:00

Bas­iskurs HPLC, Grundla­gen und Mo­derne Tech­nik­en der Mas­sen­spek­tro­met­rie


Dr. Bichlmeier Beratung & Seminare

15.10.2018, 13:00


Buch­heim Mu­seum Bernried, Star­n­ber­ger See

Helmholtz Zentrum München Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Gesundheit und Umwelt (GmbH)


5th Medtech & Pharma Plat­form (MPP) an­nu­al meet­ing

Con­gress Center, Basel, Switzer­land

Allgemeine Info

16.10.2018, 09:00

Grundla­gen der Mas­sen­spek­tro­met­rie und mo­d­erne An­wendun­gen


Dr. Bichlmeier Beratung & Seminare


European Busi­ness Devel­op­ment Con­fer­ence 2018

Han­nov­er (GER)

BIO Deutschland e.V.

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Dr. Andreas Berghammer
Dr. Andreas Berghammer

Strategic Management