Scouting & Partnering

Life Sciences Innovations

Owing to our close collaboration with the technology transfer organizations of the cluster and our support of future start-ups, BioM has a very good overview of the biomedical innovations developed in Bavarian research institutions and life sciences enterprises.

Matching Contacts

We support companies in establishing new business contacts. Contact us if you are looking for new products, technologies, potential cooperation partners or licensing partners.

In cooperation with the relevant technology transfer organizations, we promote the commercialization of research results, identify suitable projects and establish proper contacts. We provide one-to-one conversations or organize individual partnering events like the BioM Pharma Days.


We inform you about the active substance pipeline and the technology platforms of Bavarian life sciences companies. Contact us!

Technology transfer organizations

Technology offers of relevant Bavarian technology transfer partners are available here:

The Bavarian patent alliance is the main patent and marketing agency for 28 Bavarian universities.

Ascenion is a technology transfer partner of leading life sciences institutes of the Helmholtz and Leibniz Association and university hospitals.

Max-Planck Innovation provides technology transfer for the Max Planck Institutes supporting scientists and imparting inventions to the industry.

Partnering Portals

The Bavarian Research Alliance  supports small and medium-sized companies in finding suitable international project partners for European research projects.

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) can help you find innovative technologies, launch new technologies and develop new markets.

EATRIS is a European portal for locating infrastructure for transnational healthcare.

In Labsexplorer you can find partners for research and development.

The European Biotechnology Network's European R&D company online guide helps find cooperation partners in biotechnology and life sciences.

JETRO provides an online portal on which German and Japanese companies can find business and cooperation partners: TTPP International Business Matching Site.