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To submit offers, you must register in our new system, the BioM Community Network. We will activate your access after a short check of your data.

Please note: if you already had a login at BioM, we can also invite you to the new system. Please send a short email to

There you can create a new job ad via the module "Jobs" using the (+) and upload a pdf or fill in the text fields. You can also sign up for a 365 day subscription.

Your ad will remain visible on our website for 30 days. During this period you can adjust your ad independently or put it offline ("invisible").

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The placement of a job vacancy on the BioM job market is subject to a charge. The current charge list can be found here. Take advantage of our favorable annual rates.

Announcements for master's thesis or dissertations, student trainees or internships are free of charge.


Our General Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Dr. Andreas Berghammer
Dr. Andreas Berghammer

Community Service Lead