More pre-seed and validation funding programs

Pre-seed and Start-up Funding       

BayTOU - Bavarian program (StMWi Bavaria) for promoting business start-ups in the technology sector

Start?Zuschuss! - Bavarian program (StMWi Bavaria) for supporting company startups in the area of digitization

FLÜGGE - Bavaria-wide program (StMWi Bayern) for an easier transition into the start-up phase of technological innovations

Go Bio - Two-stage pre-seed funding program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for academic projects in life sciences

GO-Bio initial - With GO-Bio initial, the BMBF supports the identification and development of early life science research approaches with recognizable innovation potential.

EXIST - Industry-oriented pre-seed program of the BMWi for promoting technological and knowledge-based start-ups with the modules, EXIST founder's scholarship and EXIST research transfer

Validation Support

Bayerische Validierungsförderung - Programm (StMWi) for promoting the validation of research results and inventions in general technological innovations. The funding measure is implemented via corresponding calls, in which thematic priorities can be set if required.              

VIP+ is a program of the BMBF to validate the technological and social potential for innovation in scientific research.


Since 1995 finanziert Bayern Kapital has been financing Bavarian start-up teams and young technology companies that mean to realize an innovative business idea with venture capital, especially in the seed and start-up phase, till expansion.

The Wachstumsfonds Bayern managed by Bayern Kapital co-operates with one or several independent private investors to provide investment capital for growth financing to technological Bavarian SMEs as co-investment partners (later stage venture capital).

BayBG offers equity capital for SMEs: silent participations, open participations, venture capital, private equity.

The High-Tech Gründerfonds invests venture capital in technological companies that implement promising research results in an entrepreneurial manner.

INVEST is a grant from the BMWi for private investors (business angels) who acquire business shares in young innovative companies and keep their investment active for at least three years.

Venture Capital

BVK is Bundesverband Deutscher Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaften, the Federal Association of German Capital Investment Societies                              

Life Science start-up centers in Bavaria

IZB Martinsried
IZB Weihenstephan
IGZ Würzburg
BioPark Regensburg
Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Straubing

Trade mark rights and technology transf

The Bayerische Patentallianz is the central patent and marketing agency of 28 Bavarian universities.

Ascenion is a technology transfer partner of leading life sciences institutes of the Helmholtz und Leibniz Association and university hospitals.

Max-Planck Innovation offers technology transfer for the Max Planck Institutes supporting scientists and conveying inventions to the industry.

TBH - Transfer offices or transfer officers of the Bavarian universities (TBU) and Bavarian universities of applied sciences (TBHAW)

The Europäische Patentamt (EPA) offers a standardized registration procedure to inventors, allowing them to obtain patent protection in up to 40 European countries.

The Deutsche Patent- und Markenamt (DPMA) is the central authority in matters of intellectual property law in Germany.

WIPANO is a funding program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in the area of intellectual property rights for public research, companies and freelance inventors.

Various links for Biotech founders

Gründerland Bayern is an initiative of the Bavarian state government to establish a supporting "ecosystem" for start-ups in Bavaria.

BayStartUp is the organizer of the Bavarian business plan competitions.

Hochsprung is a university program for business start-ups at Bavarian universities.

The Science4Life start-up competition is a nationwide business plan contest especially for life sciences and chemistry.

The German Accelerator Life Sciences (GALS) facilitates accesses to the US market for German start-ups.

Since 2002, the Deutsche Gründerpreis has been sponsored by the BMWi, the media partners Stern and ZDF as well as the Sparkasse and Porsche AG companies.

Existenzgründer is the portal of the the Federal Ministry for economics and energy (BMWi) on the topic of founding. The teaching program BMWi-Lernprogramm Existenzgründung presents founders the most important stages on their way to a professional self-employment.

Für-Gründer is a web portal of the F.A.Z. publishing group whose topics relate to company foundations.

Nature BioEntrepreneur is the portal of the Nature magazine for scientists interested in commercializing their research.

The Data & Insights Dashboard of Munich Startup provides access to the Munich Startup Ecosystem with important facts and figures.The Digital Pinboard is the virtual marketplace for job offers, premises, co-founders wanted or cooperations.

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