Cross-cluster projects

Cross-cluster project AI & Biotechnology

The ongoing development of artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLM) has great potential for application in biotechnology.

For example, AI algorithms analyse huge biological data sets, simulate interactions and enable the personalised adaptation of treatment plans. The fields of application of AI in red biotechnology are numerous, but the potentially revolutionary transformation offers both opportunities and challenges for biotechnology companies.

The cross-cluster project of BioM Biotech Cluster Development and the Bavarian AI Agency aims to support Bavarian companies in the application of AI, to develop key topics, concrete use cases and guidance and to network biotechnology companies with AI users.

Partner: AI Agency


  • identification of technical and content-related interfaces in the application of artificial intelligence in the cluster companies and institutions, such as drug development or personalized medicine

  • information and exchange formats on best practice examples from research and industry and on the opportunities and risks of regulations

  • practice-oriented consulting for companies with specific implementation needs and establishment of a matchmaking format

Duration: 1 year (2024)

Contact persons:
Ariane Doischer (
Sabine Cornils (

Ariane Doischer
Ariane Doischer

International Relations

Cross-cluster project biotechnology & nanotechnology

In recent decades, the research and development fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology have each developed enormously, moving constantly towards each other and forming increasingly large intersections.

The integration of innovative and disruptive technologies is increasingly being used at the interface between the two fields, including digitization and quantum technologies.

The collaboration between nanotechnology and biotechnology has the potential to create significant long-term value for Bavaria and added value for companies due to the expertise already available. This enables the (further) development of high-precision diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, even in the field of prevention.

The cross-cluster project of the biotechnology and nanotechnology clusters aims to link the competencies within the individual clusters more closely in the long term and to make sustainable use of them.

Partner: Cluster Nanotechnology


  • identification of relevant topics and potential stakeholders in the Free State (and any other partners required) and their involvement in further development processes
  • evaluation of the topics and the derivation of measures (e.g. SWOT) as well as a target/actual description of the critical infrastructure, especially at the interfaces mentioned above, the preparation of mutual offers and the development of joint projects
  • the results will then be presented in a roadmap and also made available to the general public

Duration: 1 year (2024)

Contact persons:
Dr. Max Pöhlmann (
Dr. Peter Grambow (
Dr. Justus Hermannsdörfer (

Dr. Max Pöhlmann
Dr. Max Pöhlmann

Cluster Development Lead