Berlin event: Companion Diagnostic – and IP

The patent cliff and an increasingly payer-driven environment are problems for the life sciences industry. Specialised treatments have thus become a critical asset for pharma.

Drug diagnostics combinations – so called companion diagnostics – offer companies the ability to develop targeted drugs with the potential for greater effi cacy, accelerated regulatory approval and better reimbursement.

Thus, developing treatments without suitable diagnostics has become an expensive form of Russian roulette. But, this joint process is complex. The challenges have created new forms of cooperation between pharma, biotechs and diagnostics service companies and resources needed to cope with giant amounts of data. The reward is huge: analysts forecast new billion dollar markets.

Leading experts in the fi eld of biomarkers, diagnostics, IT, drug development and regulatory affairs will share their knowledge on how to successfully develop and market new concepts. Program can be found here or look the website: