Regensburg starts BioPark Jump Accelerator

To further expand the promotion of start-ups in the life sciences and health care industry, BioPark Jump gets started in BioPark Regensburg. The project is funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs for the next 3 years.

With the BioPark Jump, a previously non-existent contact point is to be created especially for those interested in founding a company in the health industry in the region. It supports prospective start-ups in early founding phases on their way into the healthcare market, from the idea and the development of a functioning business model, through team building and the procurement of financial resources, to commercialization.

Most start-up programs are technology-focused rather than industry-focused. This usually means that over a longer period of time, the focus is primarily on working out an innovative technology and the so-called entrepreneurship essentials. This is also important but not sufficient in the healthcare industry, where hurdles are higher than in other industries and industry-specific issues such as certification, reimbursement and clinical evidence should be addressed early on, the BioPark press release reads.

"In my almost 25 years of start-up consulting, unfortunately many innovative ideas were often brought up for the start-ups that did not take into account the special requirements in the approval for the manufacture, marketing and sale of the products (regulatory affairs) or the mandatory reimbursement options (reimbursement ) in asking for advice," said BioPark Managing Director Dr. Thomas Diefenthal.

This is where BioPark-Jump, as the "Healthcare Accelerator Regensburg", is intended to remedy the situation.

"We provide the founding teams with premises such as office and laboratory space and bring them together with proven experts in our partner network," explained Cluster Manager Dr. Ilja Hagen.

The network includes users from hospital and care facilities, health insurance companies, manufacturing companies and people with many years of experience in the field of certification and reimbursement. In an ongoing application and selection process, suitable teams are identified, intensively supported and made fit for the market and potential investors.

BioPark Jump will work closely with the existing start-up networks, the BioPark Brain 8 Network, the technology and transfer facilities of the universities and regional industrial partners.

Due to the thematic overlap in the field of digitization, there is close coordination with the clusters and activities of the city of Regensburg and TechBase and the Digitale Gründer Initiative Oberpfalz (DGO).