Bavarian Biotech Report 2020/21: „A strong Community for Health“

  • 44,000 employees in the Bavarian biopharma sector
  • 20 new companies
  • oncology remains most important indication in drug pipeline
  • COVID-19: World-class testing, outstanding therapy concepts, BayTherapie2020 funding
  • corona company survey 2021: concern decreased, 38% report increase in sales

In the Bavarian Biotech Report 2020/21, BioM has analyzed the developments of the Bavarian biotechnology scene. The picture is characterized by a high level of employment and strong start-up dynamics. A COVID-19 special is dedicated to the fight of Bavarian biotech companies and research institutions against the coronavirus pandemic, which also shows the effects on the industry. Overall, Bavarian biotechnology is demonstrating global clout. The report also highlights various players and their perspectives on the industry in interviews, shows BioM's activities on digitization and internationalization, and presents various locations.

Employment high

Combined, pharma-, biotech-, and other related companies employ about 44,000 people in Bavaria. As of 2020, around 13,000 people were employed by the pharmaceutical companies. With a total of 21,000 employees, biotech companies are the most important employers in the sector in Bavaria. International companies employed an average of 229 people at their local sites (14,000 in total), while small and medium-sized Bavarian biotech companies have shown strong growth figures as well (33 on average; 7,000 in total).

Strong start-up dynamics

Bavaria is particularly characterized by its founder-friendly ecosystem. A total of 20 companies were established in Bavaria in 2020. In the region, start-ups encounter a strong network of supporting organizations. BioM, for example, and its virtual incubator inQlab were able to help a large number of entrepreneurs to become successful founders over the last years.

Financing climate

The economic development of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in 2020 was determined to a large extent by the effects of the global pandemic. However, in contrast to many other sectors, predominantly positive effects were felt here. While the financing dynamics of biotechnology seemed to wane somewhat in previous years, numerous companies have posted record figures in recent quarters. Many players now hope to continue this positive development in the future.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have attracted an enormous amount of attention since the coronavirus pandemic began. How much momentum the industry will be able to take with it from the crisis will probably only become clear in the coming years, but the capital market has certainly seen positive momentum. U.S. investors in particular are showing increasing interest in investing in promising companies - including those in Europe and Germany. Some Bavarian company representatives were concerned about the still enormously high legal, tax and bureaucratic hurdles in Germany such as the German Foreign Trade and Payments Act which has also increased pressure on the industry.

Oncology remains most important indication in drug development

The Bavarian biotech landscape is traditionally strongly characterized by drug developers. These are long-term research and development projects that are carried out from the initial identification of a drug candidate through preclinical and clinical studies in a lengthy process up to regulatory approval. The Bavarian industry has an impressive pipeline of projects in preclinical (66) or even clinical Phase (131). A total of 36 products are currently in Phase I clinical trials, 59 in Phase II and 36 in Phase III. The largest share of compounds in clinical development falls into the field of cancer therapy with 60 projects, followed by therapeutics against autoimmune diseases with 26 projects. As is the case throughout Germany, the product pipeline in Bavaria is dominated by biopharmaceuticals, and in this case, the active substance group of recombinant antibodies. In addition, MorphoSys was able to announce the FDA approval of its cancer drug Monjuvi(R) in 2020. In addition, the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic is becoming apparent. Many therapeutics and diagnostics companies have shifted their programs to combat COVID-19.

Bavaria's clout against COVID-19

Biotechnology is at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. From day one, numerous Bavarian companies and research teams have been driving innovative research in the development of test systems, vaccine candidates and drugs - with many positive results.

In addition to the successful development of a wide variety of test systems, Bavarian companies have produced a broad spectrum of excellent approaches to COVID-19 therapeutics. 22 outstanding Bavarian therapeutic concepts were submitted as part of the €50 million BayTherapie2020 funding measure. Some companies have already received funding decisions.

As in spring 2020, BioM also conducted a company survey on the coronavirus pandemic this year. Fortunately, companies' concerns have decreased; 38% of the companies surveyed even reported increases in sales. 67% of companies offer products or services that can be used to combat COVID-19. However, supply shortages have become a clear problem.

Players in the interview - digitization - internationalization - sites - companies

The Bavarian Biotech Report also highlights the perspective of various players on the industry in interviews, shows BioM's activities on digitization and internationalization, and reports from the Regensburg and Würzburg regions. As usual, the report is completed by the current and constantly growing company directory with profiles and contact details.

You can find the Bavarian Biotech Report 2020/21 as an ePaper or as a pdf for download or at: A print version is available via BioM.

The results of the COVID-19 company survey are summarized at:

About the Bavarian Biotech Report:

As the network organization of the biotechnology industry in Munich and Bavaria, BioM annually compiles the Bavarian Biotech Report on the development of the Bavarian biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry on behalf of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. The report includes current industry figures, trends and selected examples of innovative strength from science and entrepreneurship.