Dermagnostix: new capital for better diagnosis of psoriasis and eczema

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Dermagnostix, based in Friedberg and Freiburg, Germany, has successfully closed its EUR 4.6 million seed-plus financing round. The fresh capital will be used for the market launch of its first products for the diagnosis of skin diseases and the development of future diagnostic tests.

Dermagnostix is developing a fully automated microfluidics-based diagnostic platform for dermatology. In the past months, the start-up has developed its first product PsorX for the upcoming market entry. Basis is the molecular test "PsorEx" patented by Helmholtz Munich and Technical University of Munich to distinguish between psoriasis and eczema. Together with Hahn-Schickard in Freiburg and their LabDisk platform, the idea was technically optimized. The fresh capital will now be used to roll out PsorX-LabDisk and LabDisk-Analyzer in Germany and Europe and to expand the test menu in the area of skin cancer and chronic inflammatory skin diseases.

Molecular diagnostics of psoriasis and eczema

With PsorX, the world's first text for distinguishing psoriasis and eczema at the molecular level, Dermagnostix aims to advance diagnostics in dermatology, which are still largely based on a subjective visual examination, and thus link up with developments in therapy. Modern molecular diagnostics are urgently needed to complement conventional diagnostics.

Dermagnostix's seed investors have again participated in the current financing round - alongside new private investors and family offices. Other recently raised funds such as an  EIC Accelerator Grant of EUR 2.5 million strengthen the young company's successful course.

With the seed-plus financing round, Dermagnostix follows its seed round with a seven-digit amount from December 2021.