Ebenbuild with digital lung twin on place 8 of the TOP 50 start-ups

TOP 50 Start-ups

The Portal Für Gründer has selected the Top 50 Start-ups 2019. Five of the best 50 in the field of health and biotechnology come from Munich. Ebenbuild made it to 8th place with its digital twin of the lung.

For six years now, Für Gründer has been selecting the TOP 50 start-ups in Germany from the winners of numerous start-up competitions. In 2019 there were 147 competitions and 741 prize winners. The selection of the best start-ups is based on the type of competition, the number of awards, the total amount of prize money won, the value of the non-cash prizes and the ranking in the respective national or regional competitions. First place went to Munich-based Team Blickfeld, a provider of 3D-LiDAR products for autonomous vehicles and IoT applications.

Of the total of nine Bavarian teams, five from the health and biotechnology sector made it into the TOP 50, all of them from Munich:

Place 8:
Ebenbuild uses computer tomography and artificial intelligence to create a virtual, patient-specific model - a digital twin of the lung. This should enable improved ventilation for lung diseases and optimized therapy for severe respiratory diseases.

Place 22:
Mecuris develops individual orthoses and prostheses. By means of a digital, AI-supported workshop and 3D printing, the start-up wants to sustainably increase the quality of life of the users.

Place 42:
mk2 Biotechnologies develops, produces and researches peptides of the highest purity and quality using a proprietary synthesis process. Using a completely scalable process, peptides that are hardly accessible can be produced economically for mass applications, e.g. in the healthcare sector.

Place 46:
With its machine learning based technology deepc has set itself the goal of supporting doctors in their daily work and preventing medical diagnostic errors.

Place 49:
Vitocrates offers the Coaching App Vitomy for patients with digestive and metabolic disorders, which affect more than one third of the population in all industrial nations.

The TOP 50 start-up teams: young and male

The study also showed that the 50 best start-ups are on average relatively young. For example, 24 of the TOP 50 start-ups were only founded last year, and only 20% are older than 2 years. However, the female founders are again in the minority this year. Only 24 of the 152 founders of the Top 50 Start-ups are women. The study counted 35 pure male teams, 12 mixed teams and only three teams of female founders.

All results and teams of the study can be found under: TOP 50 Start-ups Germany 2019 (German only)