Possibilities to support Ukraine

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The people in Ukraine as well as refugees from the war-torn country urgently need support: They require medicine, food, clothing, tents and much more - also jobs.

The Cluster Platform Germany has summarized how you can help and further information:
=> Ukraine: Information on support opportunities
Especially needed are:

  • Medical products, medicines
  • Baby food; durable food that can be prepared quickly and easily
  • Hygiene products (especially for babies and women)
  • Clothes
  • Tents, blankets, sleeping mats
  • Volunteers, especially medical staff and nurses

EIT Health - Ukraine Appell

EIT Health has launched the Ukraine appeal to facilitate the supply of medical equipment for Ukraine: Ukraine appeal

EU Clusters Support Ukraine Forum

European Cluster Collaboration Plattform has set up an online exchange for requests for help as well as offers of help: EU Clusters Support Ukraine Forum

Ukraine Health Connector | ECHAlliance

The ECHAlliance group publishes offers of support for Ukraine from the ECHAlliance network on its website under the title "Ukraine Health Connector".
Among the initiatives already listed are, for example, a support platform for refugees, one for children with cancer and their families, and a call for help for people with rare diseases.

More information under: Ukraine Health Connector.


Germany Trade & Invest provides key information on sanctions and measures taken by the EU and other countries, Russian countermeasures, and the impact of the war on other markets: War in Ukraine: Sanctions and Consequences after the Russian Attack (German only)

Job platform - UA Talents

Two Berlin-based Ukrainian entrepreneurs have launched UA Talents, a job platform where people can post jobs for Ukrainian tech professionals who have fled or are working remotely at safe places in Ukraine.

More information: