Martinsried-based Insempra wins 1.5 million euros in SPRIND competition with circular biomanufacturing concept

Lin Römer, COO, Luisa Gronenberg, VP of Technology Integration & Strain Development and Jens Klein, CEO, from Insempra © Felix Adler for SPRIND

Insempra, a Martinsried-based biology-powered company enabling businesses to make superior products with nature, has been elected for €1.5 million in funding from The Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation, SPRIND, in their 2023 circular biomanufacturing challenge for its innovative biomanufacturing prototype, ‘BioTreasure’. 

Insempra presented its innovative prototype "BioTreasure" for the SPRIND Circular Biomanufacturing Challenge, which aimed to develop an end-to-end prototype that processes various carbonaceous waste streams into new products as a continuous bioproduction process. to demonstrate how carbonaceous waste streams can be processed and fed to microbes as feedstock. It must also demonstrate continuous production over a period of at least 180 days, producing various products using an advanced manufacturing process such as additive manufacturing.

For Jens Klein, CEO and founder of Insempra, the introduction of circular production processes has always been one of his top priorities. "Our prototype ‘BioTreasure’, has the potential to revolutionize industries by providing sustainable, vegan and bio-based alternatives for certain materials, maximizing resource efficiency, environmental stewardship and reducing reliance on fossil fuel or other resources extracted from nature." He is looking forward to embarking on this challenge with the support of SPRIND.

Insempra's prototype is intended to enable the development of various ingredients/products that can be used as bio-based alternatives for high-tech applications. With BioTreasure, Insempra aims to help reduce the industry's dependence on resource-intensive materials while reducing waste by using PET/plastic waste, edible oil waste and second-generation plant waste as resources for the prototype of circular bioproduction.

The Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation, SPRIND supports new innovations and technologies by setting various challenges every year, enabling research institutions, universities, and businesses to compete for funding and expert support in accomplishing key social, ecological, and economic challenges of our time.