Numares Health and Mayo Clinic Strengthening Collaboration for Improved Diagnostic Tests

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Numares Health, based in Regensburg with U.S. headquarters in the Woodlands, Texas and U.S. based Mayo Clinic expanded their collaboration to develop AI- enabled diagnostic testing that is more accurate and reliable than current U.S. tests for patients with chronic diseases, including kidney, cardiovascular, liver and neurologic conditions. The expanded collaboration builds on Mayo Clinic’s clinical research support for Numares Health to include an innovative convertible equity investment.

Numares Health is developing improved diagnostic testing designed to give physicians a better tool to care for their patients with conditions related to metabolic dysfunction, such as chronic kidney, liver and cardiac diseases. These assessments also may allow for early intervention to slow disease progression. Enabled by machine learning, this innovative testing modality being researched uses distinct and transparent algorithms combining multiple biomarkers to measure disease progression more accurately in patients with chronic diseases.

Dr. Allan Jaffe, a cardiologist and the former chair of Mayo Clinic’s division of clinical core laboratory services in the department of laboratory medicine and pathology, says:

“The Mayo Clinic mission has always been that the needs of the patient come first,” said  “The expanded research collaboration and financial investment in Numares will help us further understand this new and potentially disruptive test modality, develop new diagnostic tests and enable Mayo Clinic to better serve our patients and physicians.”

Winton Gibbons, Numares' chief executive officer, supplements:

“This significant expansion of our long-standing collaboration with Mayo Clinic has brought us one step closer to our shared goal of improving patient care. The new investment accelerates our development pipeline and drives research collaborations that fulfill critical unmet medical needs with new clinical utility. With the additional investment, we’ve enhanced our ability to target our focus on delivering this patient care technology to U.S. physicians as an improved diagnostic tool for their use.”

Two Numares tests are expected to gain FDA 510(k) approval early next year, one assessing kidney function and one measuring cardiac risk.