AMSilk: EUR 29 million for bio-based silk

© Pixabay / HeungSoon

AMSilk GmbH, based in Planegg near Munich, Germany, has successfully closed a Series C financing of EUR 29 million for the commercialization of its bio-based high-performance silk polymers. In addition to the initial investors MIG AG and Athos KG, the Danish Novo Holdings, the US Cargill Group and ER Capital are newly committed to AMSilk in the current financing round.

AMSilk is a leading global supplier of innovative, bio-based high-performance silk materials produced from plant-based raw materials by bacterial fermentation. The products find applications in many industries due to their special mechanical and biochemical properties. In addition, the silk biopolymers can be fully recycled and are 100% biodegradable.

Ulrich Scherbel, Chief Executive Officer of AMSilk, said, "Together with our customers we work to create high-performance bio-based materials with the potential to revolutionize product offerings and drive change across various industries."

"With its strong team around CEO Ulrich Scherbel and the support of its extended investor base, AMSilk is well positioned to further scale its proven business model and become one of the leading global biomaterials companies," added Michael Motschmann, General Partner of MIG AG.

With the help of old and new high-tech investors, AMSilk intends to accelerate the path to making its silk polymers available in industrial quantities to an even broader range of customers and industries.

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