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Symposium "Knowledge Management in Personalized Medicine", Mai 3rd

m4-Part­ner Bio­max in­vites ex­perts from the Mu­nich Bi­otech Cluster m4 as well as na­tion­al and European sci­ent­ists

Myriad Genetics Opens Molecular Diagnostic Testing Lab in Munich, Germany

3rd US-Bi­otech Com­pany com­ing to Martin­sried with­in the last 15 month.

Biotechnology trade mission to China

BioM & Bay­ern In­ter­na­tion­al, Mai 20th-26th, 2012

Minimal invasive gene diagnostic: Exosome Diagnostics receives m⁴ funding

Spe­cial­ist in mo­lecu­lar dia­gnost­ic test for per­son­al­ised medi­cine starts m⁴ co­oper­a­tion pro­ject with Prof. Berking (LMU) to…

Munich Gene Centre: HHblits: Lightning-fast iterative protein sequence searching

Faster and more ac­cur­ate: a newly de­veloped align­ment-tech­no­logy out­per­form­ing cur­rent stand­ard. Pub­lished in Nature Meth­ods,…

2011 - almost done

The BioM-Team wishes Merry Christ­mas and a Happy New Year and the very best to our in­ter­na­tion­al part­ners, read­ers, vis­it­ors - and…

Personalized Medicine in Heart Failure: Corimmun Successfully Starts a Clinical Phase II Trial with COR-1

After very pos­it­ive data from the Phase-I-trial Martin­sried Cor­im­mun takes the next step in heart fail­ure treat­ment.

First Munich Biomarker Conference

Local her­oes and glob­al chal­lenges

Foundation stone is laid for the Biomedical Center in Großhadern-Martinsried

“The LMU HighTechCam­pus is already one of the world’s fore­most ad­dresses for life-sci­ence re­search. We are very pleased that the…

Munich and Europe: European EUROCALIN Consortium with a strong Munich hallmark

Pier­is com­pany in Fre­is­ing to co­ordin­ate fur­ther clin­ic­al de­vel­op­ment of a new class of com­pounds: an­tic­al­ins.




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